This Gun Shoots Sideways

Much ado about the “outrage” of the U.S. Senate blocking a couple of extremely moderate gun control laws. As always in this society, both the corporate news and the corporate politics are confined to silliness. Hence, “In the end, the Senate voted largely along party lines this week to kill even the most modest new gun-control measures,” and so on and so forth.

Tommyrot. The Senate, which assigns Wyoming and California — with the latter having 66x the population of the former — the same voting weight, voted as it was designed to vote — in favor of the rural minority. The fact that this is not the overwhelming lead in this story tells you much about how “politics” and “journalism” happen in this market-totalitarian empire.

For those TCTers who share my interest in the continuing frequent decency and political impotence/irrelevance of the U.S. public, here is a pretty good depiction of basic facts. As usual, these opinions were forged and held with virtually no serious leadership involved, and against intense rightist flak.


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High Arka
7 years ago

Given the intelligence level demonstrated by voting trends in California–and disregarding the same in Wyoming–I like the idea that 66x fewer people have the ability to put a stop to whatever wacky new ideas California comes up with. If there’s one thing the American Senate is good at, it’s muddling up American ideas for pleading, within-the-system change until they die on the table.

Marla Singer
Marla Singer
7 years ago

Random, but I’m posting it sinc you don’t have forums yet 🙂

File that under “speaking the words of the system”
(The Nestle CEO explaining how water should not be a public right, and how we should work more to create more work etc.)

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