How Marketers See Humans

eyeball Over at Advertising Age, Glenn Engler, CEO of Digital Influence Group, is discussing what’s wrong with the vanity-exploiting data scraper known as “Foursquare.” Foursquare is an app by which users “check in” at restaurants and other destinations. As they post their humble brags, of course, Foursquare’s proprietors and clients gain the ability to track these users’ movements, then correlate them with the continent of other marketing data in their possession.

In the course of his exegesis of how he would like to see Foursquare improve its value to the marketing class, Mr. Engler pens this line:

Retailers want a more targeted advertising base, but the customers are not immersed enough to be a highly valued “eyeball.”

Yes, “consumers,” that’s what you are to the overclass — an eyeball (or an eardrum) for the absorption of marketing stimuli. TCT is not making this stuff up. Merely reporting.

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