Gender Reveal Parties

My colleague informed me today that “gender reveal parties” are a big new thing among expecting parents.

Just when you think you’re inured to the march of commercialism, commodification, and the resulting culture of narcissistic idiocy and waste, along comes such a thing and knocks you off your chair once again.

These things are, of course, sponsored. Parents magazine is a property of the Meredith Corporation media (read: marketing) conglomerate. Babies R Us has obvious interests in pushing them. The corporate morning lifestyle “news” shows are onboard, too.

One wonders which is more essential to the trend, the rank, implanted stupidity or the self-indulgence.

The brainlessness shows itself in the very name of the trend. What’s revealed in an ultrasound (among other, far more important things like the existence of arms, legs, brain, etc.) is SEX, not gender. Sex is your tackle. Gender is what you’re trained to do about that equipment after you are born.

Meanwhile, as for the advancing tendency to treat child-raising as just another “consumer” experience, this quote says it all:

“The first one, we found out the sex when we had the ultrasound, the second we waited until she was born and the third we had a gender reveal,” said Ms. Wageman, a stay-at-home mom. “I couldn’t say which was best because they were all such unique experiences.”


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