Strowwngg? Or Maybe Criminal?

As the planet roasts, pickup trucks remain the engine of the automobile-industrial complex, which is itself the leading source of GHG emissions in the United States, as well as the lifeblood of corporate capitalism. How does this happen? As Leslie Savan says, “follow the flattery.” (And, meanwhile, note the sexism, homophobia, and thoughtless obstinacy on which it rests.)

Another museum piece for our grandchildren, on the off chance we leave them a livable world.

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High Arka
6 years ago

Let us not forget that the military is the biggest polluter. All private citizens in all countries immediately converting to hemp-flavored-granola-powered bicycles would have a negligible effect on climate change alongside CSX freight liners shipping prefab bases to the Middle East, FA-18s practicing formation flying off the Atlantic coastline, and F-16 training flights over the Mojave Desert.

Marla Singer
Marla Singer
6 years ago

By some estimates i’ve seen, the military consumes about 1% of the total energy output in the US. small relative, but still huge absolute amount. It would be interesting to see how this ratio has changed over time. On the one hand, I’d imagine it used to take larger share of the total output, but most of the output was ‘necessary’. On the other hand, the degree of expropriation and waste today is unlike anything seen in history, so tough call. Michael, I have a procrastination suggestion for you – when you absolutely can’t get anything done, you can get… Read more »

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