This overclass is so dominant, so safe from criticism, they increasingly just directly tell you what to do, despite your own obvious conflicting interests:

Without delving into cell phones’ ruinous effects on the cognitive and behavioral dimensions of the social fabric, contrast that spot with the work of Chris Jordan.


Vance Packard* is spinning in his grave.

*Note also the typically insipid book description from Amazon:

The Waste Makers was the first book to probe the increasing commercialization of American life—the development of consumption for consumption’s sake.

“Consumption for consumption’s sake”? Um, no. Consumption for profit’s sake. It continues to amaze TCT how thoroughly the great sacred “consumption” doctrines remain safe from the slightest mental effort.

And how sad is it that the “progressive” publisher assigned the modern introduction to Packard’s classic to somebody unable or unwilling to mention the powers-that-be, let alone explain the basics of capitalism, i.e. the new Don Quixote [or is it catspaw?] known as Bill McKibben?

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7 years ago

This post and the links sends the reader spinning into vortexes of utter incoherence- the comments on Jordan’s photos seem spawn from the jejeune ignorance of the Virgin ad copy, reflecting nothing but considerations of intransigent avariciousness – but in HD, with cute commenter photos, leaving nothing but the fine and beautiful nihilism that is in every taste of culture from now on. What could you or I say that would be of any consequence to the levels of production and relentless purchasing that is our human conduct? Only 65 years ago, in a once prosperous, once thoroughly middle-class, rapidly… Read more »

Mark Lovas
7 years ago

Michael, Thank you for posting this blatant piece of nonsense. (“VM Presents”) As a matter of fact, I find the content insulting. If I purchase a phone or a computer or whatever, I’ve had to work, strain, submit in order to get the money first. Work means effort and submission to (stated and implicit) work-place rules– even in the most benign work-place. Submission to the hierarchy of the workplace is always, in varying degrees, degrading. I have had jobs where even to publicly explicitly articulate the unspoken rules was regarded as an offense, a rebellion against the established order. I… Read more »

Mark Lovas
7 years ago

missed out a word above: I would not wish to o f f e n d colleagues….

Mark Lovas
7 years ago

Sorry, stress on the wrong word above: should been stress on w i s h………

7 years ago

Cool, just purchased a copy of The Waste Markers.

By the way, Michael, have you considered making your book available in Kindle or Adobe Digital Editions form?

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