Accelerating Meat Possibilities

Waiting for the market to innovate us out of our market-imposed end-times problems? You might want to take a look at what sorts of advances actually matter to the overclass. To wit:


That is the Jimmy Dean Blueberry Pancakes and Sausage on a Stick, from the Hillshire Brands spin-off of the Sara Lee food conglomerate.

Here is the thinking behind this wondrous step forward in human history:

Yep, she said “”A three-year pipeline will get us to 15% of revenue from innovation by full-year 2015.”

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6 years ago

I can see the fear in her eyes “OMG, this better work, the student loans and the mortgage, the country club, and the kids tuition aint’ paying themselves!”

PS I’m not gonna lie – I’ll totally eat this shit! nomnomnom.

6 years ago

Ok, this qualifies as torture – listening to Ms. self-satisfied Zombie Airhead talk as if she is Jonas Salk reincarnated about “meatcentric” innovation and the goddam “vision” statement thing of Big Hog.
She is a compulsive liar – she didn’t go to work for Hillshire because of anyhting but the chance for a fat, sausage-fat, conscience-easing paycheck as Yo intuits.
So who isn’t, though, some version of this lying dolt, in the corporate rat race?

6 years ago

lol, OT, but check this amazing acura ad:


6 years ago

Big props for TCT being higlighted in the John Bellamy Foster – Richard York – brett Clark whopper 2010 whopper “The Ecological Rift.” Further props to the comments section of TCT, which took on the abysmal Erik Assadorian Worldwatch Institute “State of the World” greenwashing report, and must have servedas a model for the extensive, and gratifying, takedown in the big, big book.

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