Shamelessness on Stilts

She’s a major corporate-news hit now:

Notice the multiple dishonesties on display in this little routine.

1. Engineers “are one of the fastest growing jobs.”  Balderdash.  Not only is the single kind of engineering work on this list hardly a roll-up-your-sleeves-and-build-stuff variety, but it will employ a mere 25,400 individuals by 2020.  That will be something like 1/700th of one percent of the projected labor force then.  Yes, what a promising field!

2. If Ms. Engineer became an engineer — let’s not quibble over actual facts here — then how did that happen, given that she was into typical gendered toys and didn’t know what engineering even was until she was a senior in high school?

3. Does every GoldiBlox toy come with an admission and scholarship to Stanford University?

4. Look again at the kid playing with the actual toy.  How long do you think that will last?

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6 years ago

1. No, that doesn;t ahve the air of an infomercial, does it? Not in the slightest in the fake-engaged gushings, in the slurred huckser-speech of the marketing major, in the uniform lack of follow-up to the penetrating “Beastie Boys” news-question, in the hunched-over death agony of Charlie Rose, in the ghoulish plastic surgery and chem blasts affixed to each of these gargoyles, in the cheesy awfulness of that ripped-off Tinker Toy dressed up in faux-feminist carny barker bullshit, in the patent corruption of a new generation dressing up its stupid commerical hucksterism with the connivance of a fully debased media… Read more »

Mark Lovas
6 years ago

Thanks for the link. The second fastest growing occupation is home healthcare aide, with a median annual wage that is not enough to live on….. and my elderly parents currently rely upon people exploited by these for profit companies….. but here in Central Europe, I still have people telling me: Why are you here? Surely you’d make more money in the USA!

Marla Singer
Marla Singer
6 years ago

A little known fact is that the inspirational effect of the goldieblox schwag is doubled if the girls play with it while wearing superhero underwear.

If you haven’t seen the superhero underwear (sic!), peddled by “A Mighty Girl”, you ain’t seen anything:

Also, great for strippers!

The mighty girl clothing section features over 450 girl-empowering items for all ages so the whole family can find a favorite!

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