Poor Timing

Branson’s toy fall down go boom! TCT suggests it’s a shame it happened without a few 1 Percenters strapped in. May we even dream that Sir Richard himself might have been aboard?

Virgin Galactic crash

The toddlerish act of riding a rocket into low orbit in order to fancy oneself a space cowboy and a bleeding edge figure while the billions below starve, look for part time work at McDonalds, make jihad, and watch American Idol? Well, that’s our overclass!

As for Branson, one hopes the relatives of the dead and injured pilots call this guy as a witness against Illiterate Dick:

Tom Bower, a biographer of Branson, said the rocket being used by Galactic was “very crude”. He claimed engineers working on the project had told him the craft was “very dangerous.”

“What happened yesterday, very sadly for the pilot obviously, was both predictable and inevitable,” Bower told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme. “It was always dangerous and unfortunately was always going to end in tragedy.”

None of which, of course, ever slowed the flow of slavering, techno-triumphalist, smoke-blowing hype that passed itself off of as journalism on this sorry endeavor.

And dig, meanwhile, the predictable comment in the article from the Distinguished Tom Mix Professor of Space Cowboyry, Tim O’Brien:

However, the setback would not diminish humans’ desire to escape the pull of gravity, O’Brien said. “It’s hard to imagine a future in which humans are not travelling in space … Somehow we have to get from here to there; it will require a lot of work and it is still extremely dangerous.”

TCT will go on record and say that, contrary to prevailing space ideology, it’s hard to imagine a future for humans unless and until we stop our wannabe Galaxy Masters from perpetuating this preposterous, ecocidal, and scientifically ignorant “space travel” boondoggle.

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