“The reality is, what options do we have?”

gaza child

Poor, pitiful, helpless United States of America.  It really has no options in this latest terrible Israeli war crime, you see.  So says the sponsored alibi manufacturer, Aaron David Miller, in a New York Times article explaining the roots of Barack Obama’s endorsement of the ongoing Israeli re-enactment of the Nazi bombing of Guernica.  “The reality is, what options do we have?,” asks the “scholar” Miller.

Even in this market-totalitarian empire of untruths, you don’t often find more brazen deceptions than this.

See these tanks here?:

I’m no expert, but I’d wager very heavily they’re US-made M60s, given that the USA has gifted 700 of them to Israel.  The above photo is from today’s New York Times.  These M60s are lining up for an impending Israeli land invasion of Gaza.

And the warplanes dropping all those bombs and missiles, blowing up markets and schools?  F-16s, of which Israel has received 226, gratis.

The United States provides Israel with not just free military hardware, but also $3 billion a year in military aid money.  (Israel’s per capita GDP, by the way, is $23,578.)

“The reality is, what options do we have?”

With leadership like this, I’d say the answer is getting rather clearer every day…