Eskimos: Our Ice Shipment is Here!

In the first week or two after November 4, there was perhaps still a bit of wiggle-room for considering Advertising Age magazine’s announcement of its “Marketer of the Year” to be somewhat jestful.  Now, it’s clear how deadly serious and accurate that naming was, as it’s abundantly clear that the winner did indeed pull off something like the ultimate ice-sale-to-the-Eskimos.

Who was the Ad Age MOTY for 2008?  This operator:

The cabal of war criminals and clapped-out retread money-whores he’s surrounded himself with not only disprove all the major themes of his political marketing operation, but also suggest that, despite his verbal talents, he’s not a whole lot more print-literate than Bush the Younger.  Anybody who claims, as Obama does, to have been studying FDR’s accession to an early-stage Depression Presidency, yet who nevertheless avails himself of such a pack of hidebound creeps and shills is clearly unable to learn relevant facts and/or uninterested in doing so.

Some of the more deluded still harbor hope that all this is just a way to deflect reactionary thunderstrikes from a forthcoming season of reform.  No way.  This kind of unerring necrophilia can signify nothing but more of the same.  Hell, even Killiam Klinton, he of the Saudi/corporate capitalist slush fund, had his Robert Reich.  FDR had Henry Wallace, Frances Perkins, and, of course, Eleanor — and he listened to them.  Those figures make Reich look like an Eisenhower man, and Obama has zero, zero, zero people aboard who even approach Reich in thoughtfulness and unconventionality.

Makes this cartoon seem a tad optimistic…