Memo to Biofuel Propagandist Josh Tickell

America is not addicted to oil, Josh. It’s addicted to cars, which are the single most ecologically wasteful invention in world history.

Hence, automobiles are the problem, not fuel, as you wish and claim in your massively wrongheaded and softheaded Sundance-awarded propaganda movie. Biodiesel is hopelessly unworkable as a fuel for our 200-million+ fleet of two-ton mobility boxes. Worse, it is also a terrible, intolerable diversion from addressing the problem of cars-first transportation in the USA.

Despite your awards, by failing to confront cars, you are damaging the Earth, not helping it. And, in the process, as you must know at some level, you are also attacking the billions of desperately poor people who need the land, food, and water that you’re encouraging North American car-sellers to grab for themselves.

Ever wonder why so many apolitical lame-o celebutards are fired up about your bogus pie-in-the-sky?

There’s a reason…Look it up.