A Mall in the Car

When one edits a blog on cars-first transportation and a blog on market totalitarianism, news such as this poses the question of where to comment. Since marketing and market totalitarianism are the bigger, deeper phenomenon, I choose TCT.

Shopping, despite the obvious distracted driving portents, is about to enter the cockpit of the car in a serious way.

Here is a screenshot of General Motors’ initial version of its Marketplace dashware:


“Marketplace is not meant to be an in-vehicle digital billboard,” Santiago Chamorro, GM vice president of global connected customer experience [ROFL!], says to Automotive News.

That, my friends, is a lie.

Strowwngg? Or Maybe Criminal?

As the planet roasts, pickup trucks remain the engine of the automobile-industrial complex, which is itself the leading source of GHG emissions in the United States, as well as the lifeblood of corporate capitalism. How does this happen? As Leslie Savan says, “follow the flattery.” (And, meanwhile, note the sexism, homophobia, and thoughtless obstinacy on which it rests.)

Another museum piece for our grandchildren, on the off chance we leave them a livable world.

Feds Massively Subsidizing Electric Boondoggle

money flush The first 4,400 purchasers of General Motors’ new Chevrolet Volt hybrid car are receiving a free gift from the public in excess of $10,000. This takes the form of a $7,500 tax credit, plus a gift of a home charging station that starts at $2,500 excluding installation (and the installation requires an electrician rewiring part of your house).

This, in a nation with a pathetic, decrepit, elite-strangled and financially imperiled public transit system.

Death by Car

I am starting another blog devoted to the topic of the book I’m trying to finish. That topic is the homicidal perpetuation of cars-first transportation by our corporate overclass.

Take a look at the initial post, if you so desire.

Also, the questions and comments are great. I’m preparing some posts to address the topics you raised.