Voice of the Sponsor

The gulf between the public/on-air claims and the behind-the-scenes realities of corporate marketing is scandalously immense. If journalism still had a pulse, there would be frequent exposes of this all-important chasm. Alas, the capitalists own the media, so there is only silence.

Consider the example of one Thomas Morgan, the CEO of MediaD.tv, who is busy coaching big businesses about how “Internet TV has the potential to be the most powerful ad-supported medium ever created, if we learn to leverage the strengths of both television and the internet.”

Here is how scumbags like Morgan talk to their customers about the core of what their Orwellian careers are all about:

Finally, the gap between TV and online is not as great as people think. Let’s compare a 1000 people watching a full prime show on TV, and a 1000 people watching the same show online. If roughly 40% of them are outside A18-49 then the C3 model will discard 400 people to start. The remaining 600 view 22 commercials at say a $30 CPM so about $.66 per viewer X 600 viewers = $3.96 of revenue. Compare this to online: 1000 people view 6 commercials at say a $40CPM, so $.24 per viewer X 1000 viewers = $2.40 of revenue. Hence the parity gap. However, if we upped the ad load to 12, and dropped the CPM to $35 on average for all viewers, online would generate $4.20 of revenue per 1000 viewers, exceeding the $3.96 of TV. Parity achieved and exceeded!

Such is the nature of the planning of citizens’ most common life experiences in our glorious “democracy.”