Where’s the Working Class, Bernie?

sweet_talkBernie Sanders’ disruption of Killary’s marketing effort is a pleasing thing. But, damn, the guy has such huge flaws. Not least of these is his failure to talk straight about the realities of social class.

Here’s what he says today to a NYT reporter:

“Ordinary people are profoundly disgusted with the state of the economy and the fact that the middle class is being destroyed.”

What is “being destroyed” for somebody in the middle class? Being sent back to the working class, right? And as that happens, what has been happening to that always-latter class?

One might expect a socialist who cannot (and should not want to) win the U.S. Presidency, who is there to change the terms of discussion and embolden the neglected masses, to point out that, as the credential holders slide, the working class is as much the majority as ever, and has been getting absolutely — and intentionally — raped since Day One of the ongoing Reagan Restoration.


race-bottom The New York Times frequently provides the valuable service of unintentionally tipping the hand of conventional (overclass) ideologies. Applying simple reason to the NYT‘s usual reportorial contortions, it is often possible to find important admissions of core brainwashing stratagems.

And so it is today regarding the core American political insistence that this is a “middle-class” society. Turns out that the experts in charge of managing this untruth are pretty keenly aware of their own bullshit:

“It used to be ‘middle class’ represented everyone, actually or in their aspirations, but now it doesn’t feel as attainable,” said David Madland, managing director of economic policy at the Center for American Progress, a liberal think tank with close ties to the Clinton campaign. [emphasis added]

The entirely logical reality is that, in the Times‘ phrasing, “[e]ven if families fall in the middle in income distribution, they cannot afford many of the necessities, much less the luxuries, traditionally associated with being middle class.”

The balance of the story reports on how politicians are now scrambling to coin new ways of refusing to talk realistically about social class while suggesting they actually care about the class fates of ordinary citizens.

But it is official: “Middle class” has always been a diversionary tactic, a way of using aspirations to prevent the truth from surfacing.

Dispatch from the Commanding Heights

cards The July 12-July 18 edition of Bloomberg Business Week, a general business magazine tellingly swallowed recently by a speculator’s news wire, is running a multiply useful story on the ongoing hoarding of cash among the overclass.

Flush with more cash than they have had stashed in at least a half-century, it seems the investing stratum faces the harrowing prospects of only getting investment returns “in the low single digits” and, due to Great Depression III, is “as confused as the rest of us”* about how they’re going to escape that fate.

See?  We really are all in this together.  Doesn’t this situation sound oh so familiar, fellow Joe and Jane Sixpacks?  We have record amounts of money on hand right now, don’t we, but face the prospect that it might only grow slowly, if we just sit around and do nothing.  Right?  Thank God we don’t have classes in America!

Meanwhile, in case you were needing a confirmation straight from the horse’s mouth, this BBW article also includes a quote from a hedge fund manager on what exactly hedge funds and Wall Street brokerages do:

Max Trautman, a former Goldman Sachs proprietary trader who co-founded London-based Stoneworks Asset Management in 2006, is now paring his $460 million fund’s market exposure. “We’re trying to reduce risk by downsizing our trades,” he says. “It’s not that we have stopped taking views, but we’re just putting less risk in them.”

So… “taking views” expressed with money on “risk.”  In my house, that’s called a wager.

And this is the system that claims it is the best of all possible ways of allocating scarce resources…

*It might be suggested that not everybody is confused. Some of us, perhaps even most of us, might merely be excluded and ignored. As a reggae band named for a British unemployment benefits form once sang,

As always you were wrong again
To us a little seems a lot
Don’t turn your back on desperate men
Cause we can see how much you’ve got…

More From Black Reagan

obama preaches Zerobama, addressing graduation at an historically black college, says:

By any number of different yardsticks, African-Americans are being outperformed by their white classmates, as are Hispanic-Americans.  Students in well-off areas are outperforming students in poorer rural or urban communities, no matter what skin color.

In the real world, the second sentence completely explains the facts described in the first.  Thanks to white supremacy’s long-standing centrality in the nation’s affairs, whites are disproportionately represented in the higher strata of the class pyramid.  Racial outcomes are class outcomes, in things like education, for the all-too obvious reasons, cardinal among which is our system of unequal school funding.

Zerobama, of course, merely tacks on the second sentence, however, in order to divert attention from the racial mystification conveyed by his first statement.

And the answer to the supposedly racial “achievement gap”?  Nationalize and equalize school funding?  Radical redistribution of economic wealth?  Universal public pre-school?  Doubling education spending?

Nope.  Turns out black people with college degrees have to be such shining examples that all social structure and history and poverty will become irrelevant:

[A]ll of you have a separate responsibility — to be role models for your brothers and sisters, to be mentors in your communities and, when the time comes, to pass that sense of an education’s value down to your children.

Let them eat values!

Single Payer Reaches Bipartisan Status!

Alas, it’s only “bipartisan” among that puny, powerless group known as the entire voting public:


So, half of Republicans now favor Medicare for All.  Think about that.

What is our glorious President Change and his magnificent Party doing about that, armed as they are with not only a 90-percent mandate among their own party members, but a clear majority of the opposition?  Why, they’re continuing to search for a “bi-partisan” answer — in the U.S. Senate, of course.

This is a major proof of Uncle Whiskers’ old point about the state being the executive committee of the ruling class. Our ruling class is too unhinged and out-of-control to cede anything that suggests your right to live is separate from your status as a piece of “human capital.”


Obama is 100 percent part of the problem, not the solution. Collaboration is his middle name.  He is an epic disaster, a sick joke, a Reaganesque plague upon the nation.

Worse, our always deeply hamstrung system of self-government is now utterly broken.  What more proof do you need?  Jesus Palomino — half of Republicans already favor Medicare for All, yet that obvious and easy and massively popular policy remains “off the table”!!!!!

Time for a new social movement, a new president, and a new Constitution.  Time to stop being fooled by political marketers.  Time to make sure the 2010s will make the 1960s look like the 1950s.

Let Them Eat Clarity!

capitalist_pig Hold shares in a crashed bank, hedge fund, or major corporation? Here’s your bailout check, sir!

Live down the social ladder and hold a credit card you struggle to pay? Will you get some bail-out money? Nope. Maybe a mandated reduction of your interest rate? Nope. A cap at least on your present rate? Nope again. You get this instead:

The Senate voted overwhelmingly on Tuesday to put new restrictions on the credit card industry, passing a bill whose backers say will make card-issuers spell out their terms in fewer words, using plain English.

And this:

Among other things, the Senate measure would prohibit companies from raising interest rates on existing balances unless a card holder was 60 days behind, and then it would require the rate to be restored to its previous level if payments were on time for six months. Consumers would have to be notified of rate increases 45 days in advance. And companies could not charge a late fee if they were late processing a payment.

Statements would have to be mailed 21 days before a payment was due. It would be harder for companies to issue cards to people under age 21. Rates could not be increased within the first year, and promotional rates would be in force for at least six months.

Oh, huzzah! Now — oh, glorious day! — it will be slightly easier to know exactly how the bailed-out class is using its publicly-provided do-over to continue raping you. And they will, of course, have to rape you according to some new, very slightly slower timetables. With the Democrats in power now, that much goes without saying, you see.

Why? Well, this is capitalism. Our overclass needs a chance to over-accumulate some more capital, so they can fuel their next “investment” bubble. Will it be in tulips? Stocks? Collateralized debt claims? Survival shelters? That’s for them to say, and for us to bend over and take.

To make a long, sickening story short: You know any new law is a disaster when it passes the Senate, as this great fart-in-your-face did, 90-to-5.