Age of Wonders

heroes Good news, fellow Earthicans: Our heroic epoch’s leading minds shall never cease their valiant, world-historic labors to solve the great challenges of the perilous times. According to the latest Advertising Age:

Few people would suspect that what’s inside an unmarked building some 30 miles north of New York could change __(a)__, even the entire __(b)__. But that’s what __(c)__’s ambitious, high-energy __(d)__ are promising.

This unassuming office park houses the __(e)__ Lab, and inside are the results of months of intense research. __(f)__ have been working to chart a new course for a __(g)__ that has endured __(h)__, just behind __(i)__.

Over several weeks early this year, Brad Jakeman, president-__(j)__ officer, has walked key __(k)__ constituents around the lab, talking about ideas and showing off mock-ups of new __(l)__ machines, samples of __(m)__ and new __(n)__ concepts. It’s a world where __(o)__ specifically — and the __(p)__ generally — is __(q)__ again.

He insists it’s not a pipe dream.

Answer key:

live_for_now(a) = the way consumers view a soda brand

(b) = cola category

(c) = Pepsi

(d) = marketers

(e) = Beverage

(f) = Pepsi execs

(g) = brand

(h) = an embarrassing slip to the No. 3 soda

(i) = Diet Coke

(j) = global enjoyment and chief creative

(k) = Pepsi

(l) = new vending and fountain

(m) = licensed products

(n) = marketing

(o) = Pepsi

(p) = cola category

(q) = cool

And some dare question the entrepreneurial system!