TCT Goes Clothes Shopping!

shite As you can see/may have seen, TCT is out trying on new suits. Better? Worse?

While we’re fall cleaning (metaphor mixing all the while), my other idea is to test out Twitter as a way of pestering some of the worst big business marketers about the shite they put out. Anybody wanna try that with me? I despise Twitter, but some ad-jamming (only a half nod to the posers at AdBusters) might at least allow us to do a fun little experiment.

And speaking of excrement, I have been dealing with increasing amounts of attempted spam comments. Hence, I am implementing the WordPress control that allows you to post freely only after I’ve approved a prior comment. It would be nice if regular readers would post some reply to this post, so I can get you over that hurdle.

Other ideas?

Questions From the Consumer Trap Community?

goat-ears I’m never sure this blog matters.  Sometimes, I think the lack of comments is a sign that I’m pissing up a rope, or high on my own fumes, or something akin to that.

Sometimes, I fancy that it might only be a sign of how unfamiliar my/our angle of vision is.

Other times, I think it might be that I simply don’t ask y’all directly to give it both barrels.  Or maybe…Or maybe…

But the truth is that, if you read this blog and care about the issues it addresses, you might as well propose topics, ask challenging questions, or even send things you want me to post under your byline.  It ain’t rocket science, after all.  It’s just watching reality.

Having said that, do you people have questions you’d like to investigate and have us elaborate/debate here?

Remember:  There are no bad questions!