“We Start at the Top of the Pyramid”

Ne’er were truer words unwittingly spoke.

In explaining his take on the ongoing sacrifice of millions of lives to market totalitarianism’s insistence on preserving private-sector “health insurance” as the only game in town, the creepy coward Tom Daschle told his former US Senate colleagues today that:

“We start at the top of the pyramid and work our way down until the money runs out.”

Daschle was speaking about the provision of medical services, not the wider ranking of political access and socio-economic priorities. Nevertheless, his complaint is precisely accurate as an observation of the basic workings of our market-totalitarian, profits-über-alles society. “We” [read: the leadership stratum] do indeed start at the top of the pyramid, and (very) occasionally work “our” way down one or two steps before announcing that the monies and possibilities have run out.

If you need proof that Daschle by no means acknowledges this larger reality, consider his amazingly stupid purported antidote to “our” problem of top-down medical provision: Daschle thinks “we” can MARKET “our” way out of it:

Mr. Daschle offered a commercial version of how he wanted to market “wellness” in order to emphasize preventative care and to drive down costs.

Toward the end of his short stump speech, Mr. Daschle stressed the value of nutrition and his hopes of emphasizing it to curb obesity and other ailments. He was urged to keep repeating those words.

Sure, yep, right, uh-huh, that’ll work well: In a society where automobiles are the all-but-mandatory means of achieving every task of human mobility longer than 100 feet, and in a nation where commercial media-viewing is the mildly addictive, gargantuanly sponsored, capitalist-preferred runaway #1 leisure-time activity, watching some new TV ads is going to reverse it all! Yes, and there’s cold fusion happening in my coffee cup, too…

Obamacare: Cowardly War Criminal to Impose It

Look at those $1500 designer eyeglasses on the downcast Tom Daschle.  (Larger view here.)  [Gosh, Tom, if you’re really being brought in to solve a long-running social crisis that is “critical,” why aren’t you beaming?  Could it be you’re conflicted by what you know your real task will be?]

These glasses tend to confirm my theory that you can take a good rough measure of the sanity of a modern society by observing the sanity and aesthetic value of eyeglass styles (which, like cars and houses and everything else, get progressively worse over a certain price) among its movers and shakers.

But I digress from the real news, which is that Obama sucks, big-time.

Tom Daschle is an unindicted war criminal and mass murderer:  He voted yes on the bill to authorize the massively, blantantly illegal 2003 US invasion of Iraq, at the cost of hundreds of thousands of civilian lives.

Decked out in his fancy glasses and fresh from his gig as a pimp at the K Street corporate-capitalist mafia operation Alston & Bird, this creepy, insidious little thug is going to help Obama make it illegal to NOT purchase private “health insurance” in the United States, and call that appalling act of mass murder by omission “reform.”

Here’s Mr. Daschle’s shameful statement of his conventional lily-livered, sociopathic Tweedle-D position on this utterly simple and basic issue, cut from his ghostwritten new “book” purportedly “explaining” his extreme cravenness and cowardice:

The key question for any health-care reform plan is, “How will it cover people?” Most of the world’s highest-ranking health-care systems employ some kind of “single-payer” strategy – that is, the government, directly or through insurers, is responsible for paying doctors, hospitals, and other health-care providers. Supporters say single-payer is brilliantly simple, ensures equity by providing all people with the same benefits, and saves billions of dollars by creating economies of scale and streamlining administration. But pure single-payer system is politically problematic in the United States, at least right now. Even though polls show that seniors are happier with Medicare than younger people are with their private insurance, opponents of reform have demonized government-run systems as “socialized medicine.”

I have strong views on what an “ideal” system would look like. But I’m not willing to sacrifice worthy improvements on the altar of perfection. I find it encouraging that the leading Democratic presidential contenders appear to share this attitude. The proposals that Obama, Clinton, and Edwards put forward would improve our current system rather than scrapping it, using the Massachusetts reform plan as a model.

You see how this unchanged and unchanging shuffle works?  Massively obvious and wildly popular basic simplicity and decency is politically problematic “right now,” despite the fact that the “right now” in question is a month after a landslide victory for the party and President of “change,” and smack in the middle of an economic meltdown screaming for something, anything to be done to help the commoners get out of the financial and existential gutter to which they’ve been abandoned.

And the Daschle logic is powerful, too, isn’t it?  Why not take a risk and act like a political leader, rather than a purchased and pathetic fraud?  Why not put your allegedly strong views into action as the new “health czar?”

Because “I’m not willing to.”

(And, luckily, neither is the new President nor his cabinetful of fellow war criminals.)

And exactly what “worthy improvements” are we speaking of here?  Unnamed, as always, because none are forthcoming, as amply demonstrated by the Massachusetts scam that has become the consensus “bipartisan” next step in the ultra-decrepit US overclass’s continuing efforts to rule out any and all exceptions to market totalitarianism, no matter the cost.

Tom Daschle belongs in jail.  With apologies to the sacred human form, he is a dick, a pussy, an asshole, the worst sort of paid killer.  Fuck!  I almost can’t stand this walking, talking shit!  Scotty, beam me up…