Shitbag of the Month: Paul David Hewson

bono pope defines “shitbag” as “a) a very lazy person b) one who deceptively hides their lack of work or effort.”

Bono, in other words.

This shameless mofo not only hasn’t produced a listenable note since 1987, but, far worse, he fancies himself a decent person.

How wrong you can get can be assessed by reading his rambling, navel-gazing atrocities in The New York Times, including today’s new one.

The topic?  The wonders of “Africa’s emerging entrepreneurial class.”

Need I mention that using the word “entrepreneur” as a serious category of analysis is perhaps the quickest way to cross oneself off the list of serious analysts?  But Mr. Hewson is a mentally ill tax-dodging multi-millionaire Knight of the British Empire.  An “entrepreneur,” in other words.

Meanwhile, according to Entrepreneur/Pope Bono, “Civil society as a rule sees business as, well, a little uncivil. Business tends to see activists as, well, a little too active.  But in Africa, at least from what I’ve just seen, this is starting to change.”  Yes.  At least from what he’s seen. There’s some science for you.  If Entrepreneur/Pope Bono perceives it, it is real.  ROFLMFAO.

Did I mention Mr. Hewson’s mental illness?  But I digress…

Also according to Entrepreneur/Pope Bono, “Entrepreneurs know that even a good relationship with a bad government stymies foreign investment.”  Foreign investment?  Foreign investment!  I’d say ROFLMFAO to that, too, but here’s where this heinous shitbag gets downright dangerous.  Foreign investors take their money home, don’t they, Paul David Hewson?  In the the Third World, they take it home in wheelbarrows.  Asshead moron imperialist pimp.  The world does not shine out of your stinking butthole.  Fuck you, shitbag.