Testing the Market Totalitarianism Thesis

Market totalitarianism is the creeping advancement of corporate capitalist control over all the details of modern life, in and across its three major spheres — work, politics, and personal life.

If you doubt this phenomenon is real, consider this fact, as mentioned, all the way from Australia, by TCT commenter Luis Cayetano: In May of 1958, Erich Fromm was interviewed at length on commercial television in the United States.

52 years later, that same thing is so far from being possible, it is almost unimaginable. Picture 60 Minutes, for example, devoting not just one but two segments (see the run-time of the Wallace interview of Fromm) to letting, say, Noam Chomsky explain his present view of the society and the world.

No fucking way that happens now, obviously. Sponsors these days, having grown all the more powerful and having learned well the dangers of unpoliced television, would never permit it, and the producers and reporters, knowing that, would never in a million years propose it.

Annals of Decrepitude: Entry of the Day

roflmfao The U.S. overclass has reached the clinical Freudian stage.  Its galloping senescence is now so advanced, the simplest realism and restraint are now far beyond its grasp.

Consider the remarks (caught by LeftI on the News) of Vice President Joseph R. Biden regarding the question of the United States’ long-standing illegal blockade of Cuba:

We think that Cuban people should determine their own fate and they should be able to live in freedom and have some prospect of economic prosperity.

Holy Mr. Jeezus!  As I said on LeftI:

Well, who wouldn’t want to help spread capitalism’s glorious prosperity right now?

And, of course, the American Way of determining our own fate is also at the peak of health right now, too, isn’t it? Clearly, the American People love private health insurance, Middle East wars, and handouts to failed bankers. Praise Obama, the faithful vector of our deepest desires!

Paging Dr. Fromm!  Paging Dr. Fromm!