The Biodiesel Cop-Out

As our market totalitarian society careens between serial boondoggles and disasters on its way to imperial collapse, the signs of how well-propagandized and hence ill-informed we Americans are are becoming even more flamboyant and egregious.

Consider this smug car-back I spied this morning while waiting to pick my son up from an appointment.

Beneath the “Got Hope?”/Obama sticker (good luck with that!), this tail-end sneers “Yes, it’s a diesel.” Still lower, it touts the biodiesel industry’s bogus claims that their snake-oil is “clean,” “renewable,” and “domestic.”

The truth is that biodiesel, like all other biofuels, is none of the above. More energy goes into making it than comes out as biodiesel. Making biodiesel produces huge amounts of agricultural waste products. Making biodiesel eats up valuable water and farmland.

The “domestic” claim is particularly ignorant and galling. Like hydrocarbons, food is bought and sold on world markets, so even if it were true (which it isn’t) that all biofuels used in the USA were going to be produced within the USA, that would still have immense effects on the price of food around the world, hurting the 1/2 of the human race that exists in scandalous, abject poverty today, 500+ years after the launch of the supposedly history-ending capitalist system. In fact, even at this early date in the unfolding overclass drive to keep cars-first transport alive by running scams like biofuels on the comfortably numb and under-informed, there is already a major problem in this area.

So what we see in the above photo is not a brave soul educating others, but merely somebody who’s feeling high and mighty and clean while being used as a vector of serious evil and disinformation.

The simple truth is that the corporate capitalist project of selling automobiles in perpetuity was and is a huge pipe-dream. Earth simply cannot accommodate it for much longer, whatever the fuel source. Using finite energy to move two tons of highly-processed metal and plastic for almost every mundane trip around town is like slicing bread with a chainsaw. Technology is not going to change that. Neither is pipe-dreaming.