Capitalist Libertarians are MoRons

So, the vile dunce Ron Paul?  That vastly over-rated capitalist rube who fancies himself a libertarian while espousing a military-state immigration policy?  He has another son, in addition to the one who doesn’t want the public telling businesses that racial apartheid is forbidden.  This other son is called “Ronnie.”

Where did Ronnie work as an engineer before he entered retirement?  The Dow Chemical Company, one of the host of conglomerates that rose to glory through Pentagon contracts during WWII; maker of napalm, Agent Orange, pesticides (including DDT), asbestos, and breast implants; post-Bhopal purchaser of Union Carbide; world’s largest producer of plastics.

Here is dear Ronnie’s statement of the Paul family’s core principle:

“We believe that stealing from people is not good, whether you’re the government or whether you have a mask on your face.”

So, in the Pauls’ eyes, the potential thieves are of two sorts and two sorts only: tax collectors and street robbers.

I won’t comment here on the juvenile, self-defeating, heavily-sponsored equation of taxes with theft.

Rather, I’m interested in the shortness of Ron and Rand and Ronnie’s list of potential thieves.

Might there perhaps be another class of coercive, unequal exchangers out there?  Perhaps the folks who not only pay you for your time while keeping for themselves the goods and services you make in the time they buy, but do so with all the perks and powers of corporate organization and size?  You know, the folks who think whole oceans are their rightful gift and toilet?  The ones who insist that owning stocks and bonds is a form of super-labor deserving whatever pay it gets, even if the shares came from great-grandpappy?  The ones who are never rich or powerful enough?  The ones who relentlessly downsize and outsource, then tell the poor to get a job?

The missing thought seems never to have entered the mind of this happy retiree from a Fortune 100 corporation…