Market Totalitarianism: No Mere Metaphor

They won’t stop until we stop them.  They can’t.  Their system requires it, fuels it, refines it, extends it.

No sphere is safe. The profit-seekers devour all they find as they race one another to get their super-size slice before the death of the ecosphere. Nothing sacred. No holds barred.  No boundaries hold.

The latest from Advertising Age:

“Reaching Consumers at Work Could Be Next Great Frontier”

Seems that even the airtight, scientifically managed dictatorships of the corporate workplace are being cracked ajar and scoured for a few more grains of mind-control over prospective product-purchasers:

Before they make a purchase, 93% of Americans consult their co-workers for advice, according to a new study from Big Research on socializing in the workplace.

The study from the independent consumer-research firm was conducted via WorkPlace Media’s “proprietary permission-based network” of over 920,000 U.S. companies across a variety of industries. WorkPlace is a media company that helps brands reach consumers at work.

The survey offered some interesting insight into how much people socialize at work. Of the 3,389 U.S. employees surveyed in the study, 68% admitted socializing with co-workers during work breaks, and another 42% said they phoned, texted or e-mailed friends and family from the office during the work day.

“It’s a traditionally advertising-free and uncluttered environment,” said Stephanie Molnar, CEO of WorkPlace Media, who quite naturally considers marketing to at-work consumers an effective way to build brand awareness.

Ms. Molnar recognizes that marketing to at-work consumers is in its infancy stages. She estimates that less than 10% of U.S. companies partake in it, but she thinks it’s a growing field. Ms. Molnar said the WorkPlace network reaches seven out of every 10 working Americans, which is more than the combined circulation of daily newspapers in the U. S.

“We’re finding that marketers we talk to are extremely intrigued by this opportunity,” she said.

They buy your work-time and tell you what to do on the job, no policy questions allowed. They offer you irrelavent, dim-bulb, focus-grouped, mud-slinging 30-second TV ads to help you choose between Corporate-D and Corporate-Dumb every four years. Then, they tell you your free time is what makes you free and what makes all the rest of it worthwhile.

Yet, all the while, they are throwing trillions at manipulating your every possible waking moment — even now at your job — to maximize their chance of selling your something of their own, exclusive, self-interested design, you and the rest of the planet be damned.

The degree of overclass effort, control, and waste would spin the heads of the most grasping and megalomaniacal of history’s pathetic pantheon of state-based totalitarians…


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