Yet Another Type

brier Meet Noah Brier, who broods in the the photo at left.

Brier writes of his time at NYU’s Gallatin School, where he loved the freedom to explore “city planning, eventually moving to education, cultural studies and landing on a fascination with media” and to work with hip professors.

Where did it all lead Mr. Brier? You guessed it: To starting a marketing consultancy specializing in coaching corporations on perfecting the art and science of commodity fetishism. Brier waxes passionate in Advertising Age:

Many…brands belong to the biggest companies in the world, and they are proven money-making machines. They manage global distribution networks and put products in millions of stores worldwide. What to post on Facebook hardly seems like one of the more difficult business decision they’ll face today. Yet, it turns out to be exactly that.

Brier’s advice?

Teach your brand to speak….[Corporate planners] have to…have to think of their channels [means of reaching their targets with “marketing stimuli”] less as CRM and more as owned media. In a nutshell, they need to [have their brands] act less like brands and more like people.

Percolate [Brier’s new consultancy] helps brands identify and create content at scale. In a digital world, we believe brands can be signals. Pointing consumers to valuable information that is not necessarily about the brand directly, but speaks to the brand promise and consumer mindset.

Lovely, humane stuff, isn’t it? Thank you, Gallatin School!

BTW, Brier’s favorite part about his hero, Marshall McLuhan?

What struck me most about the stories of McLuhan was a point about his ability to keep morals out of his conversations about media.

The amorality is the message…