Theses on NSA

nsa 1. No shit, Sherlock. WTF did you think they were doing this whole time?

2. NSA’s operation is tiny and one-dimensional compared with the data-gathering happening in the marketing operations of the 1,000 largest business corporations.

3. Much of the data being gathered by NSA already exists — and is submitted by — corporations like Google and the cell-phone squatter-oligopolies/profit ranches.

4. One excellent answer to all this spying would be to empower the US Postal Service to set up and run a national, not-for-profit, no-ads, no-spying internet and cellular network, with the explicit charge of out-competing the private sector.

5. We await any kind of left stirring…

6. “Market totalitarianism” is not hyperbole.

GM’s New Geniuses Can’t Live on Half a Million

SEGUIN, Texas (Reuters) — General Motors Co. Chairman Ed Whitacre on Tuesday urged the Obama administration to give the automaker less restrictive pay caps and said it was too early to discuss the timing for the automaker to become a public company again.

Cash salaries for the top executives were cut by 31 percent, and only one unnamed executive besides Henderson will be paid more than $500,000 for 2009.

Whitacre said that $500,000 limit made hiring from outside difficult, and he urged a reconsideration of the limits set by the Treasury Department’s special master Kenneth Feinberg. (Source: Automotive News, November 11, 2009)

whit Whitacre, the fresh-faced rebel shown at left, was, after all paid $61 million in 2006, for his excruciating labors overseeing the AT&T-Bell South merger while also passing along illegally-gathered wiretap information to the NSA.

And what would we all do without glorious breakthroughs like the AT&T-Bell South merger?  Sure, 10,000 people lost their jobs in that process, and it also further entrenched the institutional basis for the world’s highest telecommunications bills.

But, look, those things are good for investors, aren’ t they?  And, just as anybody can sleep under a bridge, soare  we all perfectly free to become major investors.  All you have to do is get yourself $10 or 20 million to get yourself started.

And Ed and his pals probably lost a lot of their $61 million pay packets last year, too, right?  Just like the rest of us, right?  Aren’t you down to your last few dozen millions yourself?  I know I am.

carflipBesides, it’s got to be a rather thankless task, this acting as the funeral director who keeps insisting the guy in the box is still alive…