Logo of the Week

So, this is Advertising Week in New York City.  It’s an orgy of self-congratulation, plus a rather obvious PR effort to remind the city of the importance of the brainwashing-for-profit industry.  One of their goals this year is also “serving as the primary catalyst to create New York City’s first public high school dedicated to advertising and media . . . the High School for Innovation, Advertising & Media in Canarsie, Brooklyn.”  What will they name this new academy?  Big Brother High?  Will their basketball team be the Fighting Focus Groupers?

In any event, you have to give Advertising Week’s organizers credit for one thing:  They have the most apt and honest logo you’re likely to see for a while:


The Latest in Military Marketing

flyby While the US Navy sells working class youth the idea that fighting wars is a safe, fun, brave video game, the US Air Force has apparently just finished using White House assets to scare bejeezus out of New York City, undoubtedly as part of yet another forthcoming fascistic advertising blitz.

Wanna bet whether Mr. Change appears in it?

What a wonderful world…