The Leadership Unit Known as OilBama

robot On the exceedingly remote chance that it might contain an iota of a useful policy alteration, I subjected myself last night to something I can rarely take — a Presidential speech, namely President Obama’s live Oval Office address on the Deepwater Horizon explosion.

Knowing it was, in the coached-up words of The New York Times, “designed to convey a sense” that Obama is not a prostrate do-nothing corporate shill who is incapable of questioning the power structure even when its murderous nature is comparatively unadulterated nightly news, I had very low expectations.

They were too high.

The speech was historically terrible, in every imaginable way, even by the subterranean standards of this war-criminal nation-state.  If I were to think in its terms, the question I would have would be this:

Can we get a commission to look into the failure of political courage and candor? Led by a Harvard entrepreneur? Until we have that, I’ll essentially have a wrenching anxiety that my way of life may be lost.

What a wipeout.  If George W. Bush had been in office and delivered this rote and vacant verbiage, there would be a million green activists loading buses to go surround the White House.  As it is, all’s quiet, and we’re getting a commission.  A commission.