American Un-Civilization

The demand of the American Revolution was “No taxation without representation.”  It was not “No taxation.”

A hundred years later, Oliver Wendell Holmes frequently repeated the aphorism “Taxes are the price of civilization.”

Now, facing profound national and global problems in the make-it-or-break 21st century, we have numb-nutters running around dressing up like Thomas Paine (who would have hated their guts) while being pandered to by morons like Scott Brown, who defends psychotic, murdering crooks by saying “Certainly, no one likes paying taxes, obviously.”

The childishness of it all is breathtaking.  Do you like having a road on which to operate your motor vehicle?  A school for your child?  Are you one of the dupes who think “our troops” are fighting “for us”?  Do you enjoy knowing that the fire department will arrive if your house catches fire or you go into cardiac arrest?  Do you admit any contradiction between enjoying these things and Mr. Brown’s (massively dishonest — the Republican Party is never going to reduce the size of government, as doing so would draw a Depression that would make this Great Recession look like a Golden Age of prosperity) advocacy of an utterly juvenile anti-social worldview?

Not that the lying, bought-and-sold Democrats are an ounce better…