Ad Age Worried About Killary Losing California

hillary-clinton Hillary Clinton, who looks authentic responding to charges of corruption and sitting in on war crimes but looks like the cat who swallowed the canary in front of actual working class people and groups, might lose the upcoming California primary.

Among the many reasons to hope that happens is the fact that Advertising Age magazine, the flagship of the big business marketing press and the enterprise that named the war-criminal architect of Romneycare’s passage its 2008 Marketer of the Year, fears that Killary losing California might “cause a fatal chain reaction.”

Fascinating and telling that the prospective failure to sell the long-sponsored Klinton show might be such a huge blow to our existing system of “election” via political marketing…

This system is a mile wide and endowed with trillions, but remains a mere inch deep.

Amen, Manuel!

Manuel Garcia, Jr. has published an excellent essay on the logic of corporate capitalist political marketing. Read it here.

Garcia’s overall thesis is this:

The social programming language of capitalist authoritarianism seeks to activate personal greed, intellectual insecurity and visceral racism as motivators of guided popular political reaction. The Pavlovian logic to this scheme of social manipulation is that all human beings are possessive, gullible and fearful.

Obamanocchio #1

President Obama made a “surprise visit” to the White House Press Room on Thursday.  Undoubtedly, this was not an impulse or an accident, but a calculated attempt to create a new kind of photo-op.  The idea was almost certainly to make news about the newness of this President not hiding from public-minded questioning.  The assumption must have been that the WH press corp would be so bowled over by Obama’s entrance that they’d fawn and gush over him and pump out puff pieces proclaiming his newness and openness.

Turns out, the reporters took advantage of the unheard-of chance by actually asking Obama a question!

“Why, Mr. President, are you nominating the Raytheon Corporation lobbyist William J. Lynn III to serve as Deputy Secretary of Defense?  Isn’t that an egregious violation of your campaign promise and subsequent Executive Order to stop doing this kind of thing?”

Obama’s answer?  Not so new:

The president brushed [the question] off, saying he would not return “if I’m going to get grilled every time I come.”

So, in other words, this “surprise visit” was old wine in a new bottle, a staged event all about coercive image-making, with no connection whatsoever to any new openness. If the Press Room is going to ask President Obama questions, then he’s not coming there. Simple as that.

No wonder Ronald Reagan, the figurehead-in-chief when political marketers perfected the art and science of photo-op psy-ops, is one of Obama’s heroes.

“Change you can believe in.”©®™

Eskimos: Our Ice Shipment is Here!

In the first week or two after November 4, there was perhaps still a bit of wiggle-room for considering Advertising Age magazine’s announcement of its “Marketer of the Year” to be somewhat jestful.  Now, it’s clear how deadly serious and accurate that naming was, as it’s abundantly clear that the winner did indeed pull off something like the ultimate ice-sale-to-the-Eskimos.

Who was the Ad Age MOTY for 2008?  This operator:

The cabal of war criminals and clapped-out retread money-whores he’s surrounded himself with not only disprove all the major themes of his political marketing operation, but also suggest that, despite his verbal talents, he’s not a whole lot more print-literate than Bush the Younger.  Anybody who claims, as Obama does, to have been studying FDR’s accession to an early-stage Depression Presidency, yet who nevertheless avails himself of such a pack of hidebound creeps and shills is clearly unable to learn relevant facts and/or uninterested in doing so.

Some of the more deluded still harbor hope that all this is just a way to deflect reactionary thunderstrikes from a forthcoming season of reform.  No way.  This kind of unerring necrophilia can signify nothing but more of the same.  Hell, even Killiam Klinton, he of the Saudi/corporate capitalist slush fund, had his Robert Reich.  FDR had Henry Wallace, Frances Perkins, and, of course, Eleanor — and he listened to them.  Those figures make Reich look like an Eisenhower man, and Obama has zero, zero, zero people aboard who even approach Reich in thoughtfulness and unconventionality.

Makes this cartoon seem a tad optimistic…

The Selling of the Candibots: Bad as You Thought

“We’re surprised it’s been so early,” said Greg D’Alba, chief operating officer for advertising sales at CNN. “And this will probably open the door.”

The early-arriving “it” to which Mr. D’Alba refers, of course, is multi-million-dollar advertising campaigns from the candibots seeking the U.S. Presidency. The pace of such spending has already topped $2 million a week from both the Klinton and Obama spin-a-thons.

What this means is that this whole charade we continue to swallow as a legitimate electoral process is indeed getting even more rotten — at a pace that surprises even seasoned commercial television insiders. Meanwhile, the list of un-addressed dire domestic and international problems also rapidly lengthens. The “political” marketing money gets ever bigger and pours into the idiot box ever earlier. As it does, the “debate” gets ever less substantial and genuine. Lather, rinse, repeat — until the country and/or the Earth implodes and/or explodes.

And, once again, recall that advertising is but the tip the marketing iceberg. Even as they use the inherently anti-rational and anti-democratic medium of television to push your buttons with quasi-promises of eensy-weensy tax shifts and new laws to force the poor and the insecure to buy third-rate private health “insurance,” the “major” candibots are also certainly spending ever-increasing sums on focus groups and other types of marketing research. As in the larger enterprise of big business marketing, their purpose is not to discover people’s deepest needs, but merely to find and exploit weaknesses. The candibots’ end goal is to fill their gaping ego-voids by winning the struggle to use political marketing to sell us a new brand of babysitting the status quo.

This is one area where the best choice right now is to surrender yourself to that other, more genuine kind of “E.D.” — Electile Dysfunction. Prescription: If you find yourself taking these vote-stealing hucksters seriously for more than a quarter-hour, seek immediate help.

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Caption: i vant to suck your blood...I vant to suck your blood!

The New York Times reported yesterday that the candibots who are today opening the active sales phase of the political marketing process will be spending about $200 per “vote” they harvest in Iowa.

Given that absolutely nothing is at stake in the so-called “election,” this makes the infamous 95 percent of the “cost” part of the retail price of a tube of corporate-brand toothpaste that goes to cover the marketing (not the making) of the dentifrice a comparatively excellent deal. The numbers here are promotion 100, content zero.

Vote for Mike Gravel, or just stay home.