Strummer’s Lament

nero fiddle“A car in the fridge. Or a fridge in the car? Like cowboys do in TV land…”

Such was the late Joe Strummer’s apt diagnosis of capitalism’s inherent pursuit of trivialities/limitation of society’s available macro-choices.

30 years and a month later, what are the great, bailout-taking entrepreneurs up to?  Serious answers to Peak OilPovertyArmageddon?

Not quite.

Holographic birthday cakes, as we’ve seen, for one thing.

The latest “cutting edge” advance?

Recharging smartphones, digital music players and other personal electronics cordlessly will be as easy as dropping them onto the console of a car under a deal being announced today by General Motors.

GM will take a $5 million stake in Powermat, a company that sells cordless charging units for home use. It is making the announcement at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

“Imagine a mat or shelf where you could put your iPhone, your Droid or other personal device and charge it automatically while you commute to work, run errands or as you’re driving on a family vacation,” said Micky Bly, GM’s executive director of electronic systems and hybrids, in a release. “The Chevy Volt will be one of the first applications, but we intend to expand it across our vehicle portfolio.”

Yes, imagine!  Will wonders never cease?  How thrilled will your grandkids be to learn that this was the sort of thing that received massive public subsidy in the early 21st century?