Not Robots

“The American Dream” trope exists to implant the notion that this is a unique nation that is uniquely dedicated to the greatest happiness of all its residents. That claim is pure rubbish.

Yet, it turns out that when people are asked what they want “the American Dream” to mean, the clear majority give rather decent answers:


Of course, the actual society, being rigidly dedicated to making the rich ever richer, is dreadful at fulfilling these majority desires. But more proof that the commoners aren’t the dolts so many greens and lefties assume.

Audience Buying

audience The public knows marketing is “a bunch of b.s.” Except, of course, it’s much worse than that. It is a bunch of b.s. deployed with scientific care for the most cynical of possible reasons, with itter disregard for the most important human needs, not least of which is a political economy compatible with ecological sustainability.

Imagine how low the marketers’ ratings would drop if people knew about such things as “audience buying”:

Rapid advancements in the digital world mean marketers must constantly change how their brands reach and relate to consumers. At the same time, the audience-buying community has also been advancing, growing increasingly more sophisticated as it drills down to target specific audiences in key demographics while offering new metrics and tools to determine ROI.