The Talents of the Corporate Marketer

Judy_Shapiro_headshot Over at Ad Age, Judy Shapiro, “CEO and founder of EngageSimply, a social marketing engagement company, and [a person who] has held senior marketing positions at Paltalk, Comodo, Computer Associates, Lucent Technologies, AT&T and Bell Labs,” gives her peers a pep talk. Apparently the increasing automation and rationalization of their trade has many big business brand propagandists feeling that “it’s anything but playtime for marketers, [as t]he sheer tonnage of technologies is a serious buzz kill, casting a cloud over the industry.”

The remedy, Shapiro says, is to remember one’s own wonderful skills and the larger meaning one’s labors:

Marketing was never for the faint of heart. It requires the insight of a psychologist, the wit of a standup comedian, the stamina of an endurance athlete and a chameleon-like ability to adapt to never-ending business highs and lows.

But if you made the grade, you were rewarded by participating in an industry that attracted the best and brightest. More than that, marketing as a vocation was deeply satisfying because you knew that your work meant factories kept running and people kept getting paychecks.

Bravery, inisght, wit, stamina, adaptability. Quite so, but it seems to TCT that Ms. Shapiro, despite and because of her pride at keeping capitalism growing, has omitted the topic of moral fiber.

Might that be because the qualities required of the marketers there run rather parallel to the work of overseeing the Tarnungskommando at Treblinka?