And the Trappie Goes to…

turd_trophy I know 2011 isn’t over, but there is next to no chance that there will be a worse TCT-related movie this year than the utterly, massively, screamingly terrible Consumed: Inside the Belly of the Beast, recipient of the coveted Trappie Award for the worst documentary film of the year.

Billed as “a compelling documentary about modern consumerist culture,” the film is chock full of pompous idiots who spout preposterous pronouncements that are as historically and institutionally ignorant as they are insultingly wrong about ordinary people* and obscurantist and exculpatory of overclass practices.

Watch the trailer, and you’ll find some ridiculous academic clown (I intend to identify the fool as soon as possible and name him to the DbC Hall of Mirrors) stating that “We all have this weird mental disease called consumerism.  We’ve all kind of gone collectively psychotic.”  You’ll also hear this alleged pandemic described as a “very natural human process.”  Marketing gets fleetingly mentioned, but the movie treats it as a mere symptom of the underlying problem of “what we are” — crazy consumers.

Corporate capitalists, who coined and spread the word “consumer” in the first place, must be peeing themselves with delight at the appearance of such unintentionally Orwellian drivel.

Of course, the liberal greens are eating it all up, no questions asked.

By the way, among the string of howlers in just the trailer alone is the line:  “We’re at the cutting edge of evolution.”

Excuse me, but ROFLMFAO, you supposed deep thinkers and experts!  News Flash:  Evolution has no cutting edge.  To have a cutting edge, there has to be a dominant or intended direction.  As Stephen Jay Gould explained over and over, human beings are both a kind of wild miracle and also nothing more than “a tiny twig on the floridly arborescent tree of life.”  This elementary point is the stuff of Science 101, which one would hope self-promoting pontificators about the nature and logic of “modern culture” might perhaps have digested before distributing their glossy films.

Of course, the wankers behind this steaming turd of a movie know even less about capitalism than they do about science, so it’s all par for their course.

*Contrast these talking heads’ “diagnosis” that we’re all a bunch of Paris Hiltons with this bit of real-world news:

U.S. Consumers Relying on Credit for Basic Necessities

I’ll say it again: Using the word “consumer” short-circuits attention to reality.