Barack O-Boondoggle

He’s technically smart, especially compared to the Texas Vegetable now in office, but he does NOT get it.  He talks of the historic nature of our present socio-economic crisis, but has zero understanding of where we stand in history.  Parroting the usual one-sided self-flatteries about American hard work, optimism, and creativity that pass for mainstream history, he can only imagine finding new ways of doing more of the same.

The core goal and promise is also the core impossibility: “fuel[ing] long-term economic growth.”

That simply ain’t gonna happen, and would be a complete disaster if it did.  The planet is past Peak Oil, Peak Water, and Peak Farmland.  It is also past the point where slight changes can make a difference in climate change, species loss, pollution, etc.

The only way forward, the only way to preserve political progress and modern society’s primary benefits is to create an economy capable of not just tolerating but leading toward economic contraction.  And that ain’t capitalism, which must always grow, without end.

Instead of acknowledging the dire need for public industry, Obama is going to do what Dmitry Orlov observes all leaders sponsored by decrepit and outdated overclasses do: promulgate new and expanded elite boondoggles.

This, of course, is insanity writ large:  Using the most powerful office in the world to do the same old things, while expecting different results.

A great many Obamaniacs are going to be massively disappointed…