Rockefeller Activism

So there is now a group called the Buy Nothing Project. On its Mission & Principles page, it asserts that “We value honesty and integrity in all our interactions.”

Now, with this in mind, we might ask this group, which was co-founded by none other than Rebecca Rockefeller of, yes, THOSE Rockefellers, how exactly a denizen of the modern world is supposedly going to buy nothing. One might also ask to take a peek around Ms. Rockefeller’s own lifespaces, to see exactly what purchased goods and services said places might include. Surely, the answer is not “zero.”

But we digress.

The real meat of the problem resides in the claim underlying this deluded effort to sell navel-gazing gestures as meaningful politics:

That is a screenshot from BNP’s manifesto.

The theory here is that it is not marketing and corporate capitalism, but human nature that is our main problem when it comes to material waste.

“Well before we are susceptible to marketing,” BNP says, we are already greedy for what it delivers to us. This, and not the dictates of our dominant economic institutions, is what causes “our homes [to be] literally overrun with stuff.”

While it’s (perhaps) merely cute to describe exurban house-clutter as the main manifestation of socio-economic waste, this kind of re-packaged elitist refusal to think is really quite destructive to the cause of progressive human survival. How many well-meaning people will this group lure into its rabbithole? The answer, again, is not “zero.”

For the umpteenth time, TCT asks: With friends like these, who needs enemies?