Joke of the Week: Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

silly walks Obummer’s answer to Peak Oil is magical thinking. The Deepwater Horizon explosion? A robotic speech and a stacked commission.

So, I suppose it’s no surprise that his answer to paint-peeling usury is not legislation outlawing it, but creation of the “Consumer Financial Protection Bureau,” which is to be run as part of that well-known friend of the working class, the Federal Reserve Bank.

As a true and fitting precedent of exactly how much protection we “consumers” can expect to receive, the new CFPB has been banned from even gazing upon the nation’s automobile dealers, those fine upstanding tradespeople.

I say it again: Orwell couldn’t make this stuff up. ROFLMFAO.

What’s Leaving YOUR Wallet?

Click here to peruse the credit-card “change of terms” notice I got yesterday from Capital One.

“The rate will be determined by adding 26.15% to the Prime rate.”

This game is so over, folks…

Don’t hold your breath for help.  Hit the shred button instead.