Magnificence! (Where have you gone, Joe Strummer-io?)

The late great Joe Strummer once satirized the depth and humanity of the choices one enjoys if one resides in one of corporate capitalism’s core selling zones:

“A car in the fridge or a fridge in the car?”

prophet of good newsWell, thanks to corporate marketers’ relentless efforts to discover and satisfy our deepest needs, the wondrous breakthroughs, of course, never cease, despite Joe’s death in 2002.

Et voila, here is the newest wonder-fridge:

The $2,249 refrigerator that is “cool inside and out” because it allows you to avoid the headache and clutter of using magnets to hang pictures on its doors!

No, I ask you: Who among us would not fight and die to preserve our way of life, which now (O, Miracle of Miracles!) allows our radically undertaxed, self-absorbed, yuppified overclass to have electronic photo frames and mp3 players on their fridge doors, and also so that the Whirlpool corporation can keep marking up (rather than down) the price of one of modernity’s most technologically settled and established basic products?